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ShortlyAI Review – Is it Right For You?

ShortlyAI Review – Is it Right For You?

shortlyai review

ShortlyAI is an AI writing tool that allows you to create anything you can imagine. The software functions like a Google Assistant and follows your instructions. It can write sales copy, YouTube video scripts, and even write blog posts! It’s easy to use and produces quality output. However, it is not suitable for long-form content. This ShortlyAI review will cover the pros and cons of using this software. It is worth a read if you’re interested in finding out whether it’s the best tool for you.

ShortlyAI works by asking you what you’d like to write about. You can ask the software to write an article, a story, or anything else non-fictional. You can give it as much or as little input as you like. The output is 100% original and passes major plagiarism checkers. While this can be a little intimidating for newbies, the software is quick and easy to use, and will make the writing process easier for you.

Another thing to consider before buying ShortlyAI is the cost. Currently, it costs $65 per month for an annual plan. The monthly plan is only $79 per month and does not use credits. You can use ShortlyAI as much as you want for free, with a free trial for three days. While we don’t recommend paying for the service, the trial period is great for determining whether ShortlyAI is the right tool for you.

ShortlyAI is a popular tool for creative writers who need to write a lot of content. Not only does it write articles, but it also produces ebooks, social media posts, and emails for you. And what’s best is that ShortlyAI doesn’t use any credits and can write as much or as little as you want. You can try ShortlyAI for free and see if it’s the right tool for your writing needs.

ShortlyAI’s features are very similar to those of other tools. It is a powerful tool for creating content that will be indexed on search engines and generate more sales for you. You can easily get your content written with ShortlyAI. It is a great option for writers, but it’s also useful for authors and local business owners. This program will help you create high-quality, unique, and original content in no time at all.

As with many other writing tools, ShortlyAI is a popular service for businesses that need to produce high-quality content in a short amount of time. Besides writing articles, it can also write books. If you have a book to publish, you can ask ShortlyAI to write it for you. If you’re looking for a professional writer, ShortlyAI is an excellent choice. With its ability to write content, you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

ShortlyAI is a great choice for budding writers. It has a wide range of features that allow for writers to create high-quality content. It offers a free trial for its users, so they can see how it works for their needs before paying for a subscription. Those with a busy schedule can take advantage of the tool’s yearly plans, which give them two months of free access. If you need to write long-form content, ShortlyAI can help.

ShortlyAI’s user interface is very user-friendly. It’s not difficult to get started. Simply enter your ideas, and it will write them for you. It will generate text for you based on these keywords and your chosen topic. The best feature is that ShortlyAI’s writers can control the writing process. They don’t have to know any code to use it, which is another great benefit. Moreover, it saves you time by reducing the need for rewriting.

Although ShortlyAI doesn’t seem to be an ideal choice for writers, it is an excellent tool for content creators. Not only is the service fast and affordable, it is also highly customizable. You can write almost any topic and choose your desired format. The software has two pricing plans: a monthly plan for $79 per month, and a yearly plan for $65. This allows you to write any type of text you need.

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